City of Ghosts - The Village An Bang

The Village An Bang and the City of Ghosts

Find out all about the City of Ghosts near Hue, away from mass tourism.

Hue is a city with a long history and culture is definitely worth a visit. However, few people know about the An Bang Cemetery (Nghĩa Trang An Bắng in Vietnam), also known as the City of Ghosts.

About twenty kilometers east of Hue City lies the largest cemetery in the country.

Named “City of Ghosts” by the locals, the cemetery was built because after Vietnam's reunification in 1975, many An Bang residents emigrated to Europe and the United States.

From here, they sent money back to their relatives who stayed behind, making An Bang one of the richest villages in Vietnam.

The cemetery with its colorful structures on the white sand stretches over a length of 3 kilometers.

From Buddhist-style temples to Gothic tombs with Romanesque columns. Everything is possible here.

Remarkably, many graves in An Bang are duplicates of Nguyen Kings-Tombs and the Royal Citadel of Hue.

The last time we visited An Bang Cemetery, nobody was there. The cemetery was empty and we could explore and admire it undisturbed.

If you are looking for a unique place, you should definitely visit An Bang Cemetery to tell a great story for your loved one at home.

In this "realm of the earth," it's normal for someone living on a piece of land to build their own tomb.

We recommend the At Bang cemetery as an alternative half-day tour from Hue. A unique and not tourist place.

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By Karl-Heinz Kronpass

An Bang

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