The Dan Sinh – Yersin Marktet in Saigon HCMC

by Karl-Heinz Kronpass

by Karl-Heinz Kronpass

The Dan Sinh – Yersin Marktet in Saigon HCMC

In Ho Chi Minh City there are markets that specialize in certain types of goods. For example, the Kim Bien market is well known for chemicals for use in a variety of areas, especially clothing and food, or the Dai Quang Minh market, where you will get lost in the colorful world of clothing and fashion accessory stalls . The Soai Kinh Lam market fascinates with the colorful and diverse types of fabrics.

The Dan Sinh Yersin market was named after the French biologist and adventurer Alexandre Yersin. Among the numerous markets, one of the strangest is the market, which is popularly known as the American or War surplus market, in which building materials, sanitary fittings and all Vietnam war material are sold in the same place.


To find the section where war supplies are sold, you have to turn left shortly after crossing the main entrance, otherwise you will walk around in circles and get through the various shops in the market.

The market is not often visited by tourists. Most visitors who find their way here combine a visit to the Dan Sinh Yersin market with the nearby one Phung-Tu-Pagoda.

The Dan Sinh Yersin market in Ho Chi Minh City was once dedicated exclusively to the sale of war relics and items related to the army, from uniforms and items that soldiers carried in their backpacks to cartridge cases and disarmed landmines. However, today it is mostly a hardware and souvenir market.

Dan Sinh Yersin Market in Saigon

When walking through this market you will also find countless shops selling screws, building materials and industrial machines. Some stores sell women's clothing and kitchen utensils.

A small area of the market offers high quality camping equipment. This is particularly useful for those who want to go on an outdoor expedition. Here you will find durable, waterproof clothing, thick bomber jackets, tents, boots, mini binoculars, sleeping bags and mosquito nets.

The main stands at Dan Sinh Market sell real and / or fake items related to the Vietnam War. You can find Zippo lighters, dog tags, cartridge cases, duffle bags, real and fake US Army helmets, and gas masks. You can also find relics of the Soviet army, including Soviet flight suits and helmets.

Should you visit the market? Definitely yes!

At Yersin Market, you can not only buy a unique souvenir, but also better understand the painful effects of the Vietnam War, known as the American War in that country. In addition, this market offers the best selection if you are looking for good equipment for your next camping trip.

The Dan Sinh market is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Address: Số 104, Yersin, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

What is the best way to visit this market?

Especially if you are traveling in small groups or with your family and have children, a private vehicle is the best choice. So you can book a private vehicle, or simply combine the visit with a private city tour to visit this unique market in Saigon

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