Cai Be Floating Market – Tan Phong Island Tour

A perfect day in the Mekong Delta

Discover the Mekong Delta with this unique excursion, where you can observe the daily lives of the locals.

Phong Dien

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Cai Be Floating Market – Tan Phong Island Tour

Preis: $69 pro person

The Mekong Delta is the region in southwestern Vietnam, where the mighty Mekong River pours into the sea. With a system of fertile land and numerous rivers and canals, the Mekong Delta is the agricultural heart of South Vietnam and one of the most important fishing areas in Vietnam. A day in the Mekong Delta and a visit to the Cai Be Floating Market is an ideal way to explore the quieter side of Vietnamese life and to understand what life is like in the Mekong. The hospitality and the cordial nature of the local people make your trip even more fascinating.

We're doing this excursion to introduce locals and travelers to each other, share culture, make new friends and spend a perfect day in the beautiful scenery of the Mekong Delta.

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