Tiger Cave Series Adventure

Discover the TigEr Cave Series

Experience the Tiger Cave Series deep in the jungles of Vietnam on a unique adventure tour.

Tiger cave

3 days 2 nights 

Tiger Cave Series Adventure

Price: $ 419 per person

No other hike in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is more authentic and remote than the Tiger Cave Series Adventure. These 3 caves lie deep in the pristine jungle, far from the modern world. To reach these caves, take a newly established route into the heart of the National Park. The Tiger Cave Series Adventure was made by very few people. As a freshly landscaped path, this route is an extremely authentic jungle hike to the Tiger Cave series, which consists of the "not so small" sister cave of Hang Son Doong, Hang Pygmy.

  • Tiger Cave Series Adventure - 3 Days 2 Nights
  • Phong Nha
  • Jungle Trek: 20 km
    Cave: 5.5 km
    Swimming 300 m (optional)
    Abseiling and climbing
    Fitness level: exhausting
  • Inclusive pick up from the hotel in Phong Nha
  • Incl. food and drinks
  • Minimum age 16 years

This journey into the depths of the jungle requires porters, security advisers and guides. Explore the full length of Hang Over Cave, Tiger Cave and Pygmy Cave. Hang Pygmy is considered the fourth largest cave in the world, in which there is a tropical jungle. The caves are masterpieces of what nature can bring to otherworldly landscapes. Make your way through the tropical jungle in the Pygmy Cave before setting up the camp underground. Marvel at huge stalagmites and statuesque stalactites that rise like a strange species from the ground and hang from the ceiling.

After saying goodbye to civilization, we leave the road and start the jungle trek. As you walk through the jungle, our guide will teach you about the local flora that the jungle has to offer.
After a few kilometers, we take a break for lunch and take a break to ask questions that you may have. After lunch we continue to the Tiger Cave. Start your adventure by swimming through the lower part of the Tiger's Cave for 45 minutes to reach Kong Collapse - your home for the first night.

2 Day

A day under the earth.
The morning starts with a hearty breakfast and coffee or tea. After the meal, our team of porters clears up, making sure nothing is left behind! Once you've been provided with filtered water from the area, a life jacket, a helmet, and a spotlight, the team begins exploring the Tiger Cave system, starting with swimming in the Tiger Cave. Swimming is optional, with a route around the cave. However, it is strongly recommended to go swimming!

Tiger Cave is a challenging cave with jungle gyms and low climbs, but very exciting. You can start swimming just a few meters from the camp. If you dive into the river, your guide leads you under a low ceiling and then into a large open cave. You and your companions will swim, run, climb and climb through the Tiger Cave.

Hang Over begins with a long, narrow shaft of various cave formations that increase in size and beauty with each step. Eventually, the team will reach a huge grotto filled with amazing stalagmites and stalactites, and beautiful pools. Here in the grotto, the guide chooses a suitable place for lunch.

Hang Over and Hang Pygmy were once a large cave where the ceiling collapsed. It created 2 caves and a unique jungle inside the cave system. After climbing the jungle, you will enter the vast chamber of Hang Pygmy. Here our driver and porter team equips you with suitable abseiling equipment, informs you about safety procedures and equips your harness with a fail-safe system. One after the other, one by one, each one descends into the cave, an 80-meter descent, with 23 meters covered by abseiling. Once all are safely on the floor of the chamber, the group takes a short walk and turns around the corner to the MASSIVE cathedral the exit of Hang Pygmy, the fourth largest cave in the world where you build the campsite.

After some rest, spend the rest of the day relaxing, wandering through the huge chamber, which is the fourth largest cave in the world, and remembering the amazing day you have just experienced.

In the evening, a Vietnamese dinner with rice wine is offered.

Day 3 - Goodbye Tiger Cave series and trekking home

After breakfast and tidying up the camp, leave the cave system and start the half-day trek home. On the trekking we take a few more breaks to rest and enjoy a snack, with the opportunity to marvel at the amazing jungle valley on which you hiked. As you leave the jungle trail, you will be greeted by the road with some cold drinks and a bus ride back to the Jungle Boss office and your hotel!

For guests who do not want to travel in a group, we are happy to offer a private tour on request. 

* Please note: This tour is available on request. We will confirm the availability within a short time after receiving your request.

  • Take sunscreen, hat, insect repellent and sunglasses
  • Please be ready in time for our pick-up service
  • Please keep necklaces and other trinkets in your hotel for safety's sake
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to prevent mosquito bites
  • Swimwear, extra clothing, long socks, small backpack, drybag and (optional) hiking boots to bring
  • Free pick up and drop off of hotels in Phong Nha  
  • English speaking tour guide
  • food
  • Mineral water, and tropical fruits
  • All entrance fees 
  • safety equipment
  • Use of trekking shoes in Euro sizes 36 - 45 We recommend to bring your own shoes.
  • We recommend not to use Goretex / waterproof boots, as it takes a long time to dry these shoes.
  • Entrance fees (1.300.000 VND / person for the National Park 
  • Use of towels
  • Porter Team

Not included:

  • other drinks
  • Tips and personal expenses

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