The spectacular rice terrace fields in northern Vietnam

The mountainous regions of northern Vietnam are home to some of the most spectacular rice terrace fields in the world. These elaborate, curved terraced landscapes have been painstakingly hand-crafted by ethnic minorities over centuries and are still cultivated today. The most famous areas are Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Hoang Su Phi and Ha Giang with breathtaking views. For an authentic experience away from tourism, we recommend Mai Chau and Pu Luong with their picturesque rice terraces and Thai minority villages. The perfect time to visit depends on the growing season, with the autumn harvest being the most spectacular.
Reisterassenfelder in Nordvietnam
Reisterassenfelder in Nordvietnam

The most famous rice terrace fields in northern Vietnam are located in the provinces:

  • Mu Cang Chai
  • Sapa
  • Hoang Su Phi
  • Ha Giang
  • Pu Luong


There, the emerald green, stepped fields rise out of the hills and stretch to the horizon - a sea of steps and terraces that will take your breath away!

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Rice terraces in Pu Luong in February

Authentic experiences with ethnic village communities

If you are looking for a particularly authentic and original experience away from the tourist crowds, we recommend the areas of Mai Chau and Pu Luong is highly recommended. In these little-visited regions, you will not only find picturesque rice terraces nestled in unspoiled nature, but also villages of ethnic minorities such as the Thai.

The ethnic hill tribes have perfected the arduous work on the rice terraces over generations. A visit to them offers fascinating insights into their traditional customs, crafts and way of life in harmony with nature.

Reisterassenfeld in Nordvietnam

The best times to visit the rice fields

The perfect time for a visit depends on the respective rice cultivation phase:

February - May:

Sowing The fields shine in spring-fresh shades of green, the young rice plants are just sprouting.

June - July:

Now the terraces glow in lush green hues and lend the landscape enormous charm.

September - October:

Harvest Absolute highlight! A sea of yellow and golden terraces covers the hills.

November - January:

Fallow land After the harvest, the fields lie fallow, the colors somewhat paler but no less impressive.

Whether at harvest time or during the growing season, when the terraces rise out of the hills like emerald green wings - the rice terraces in combination with the traditional village communities are a fascinating natural attraction for active vacationers, ethnography enthusiasts and photographers on their trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam Terrassen Reisfelder
Picture of Karl-Heinz Kronpass

Karl-Heinz Kronpass

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