There are two different tunnels in Cu Chi

A non-tourist route to the Cu Chi Tunnel

You do not have to book a group tour to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. Experience the Cu Ci tunnels in Ben Duoc far from mass tourism.

Most information about the Cu Chi tunnels does not make it clear that there are two different locations to explore the tunnels. If you book a trip, you will most likely be taken to Ben Dinh tunnels.

Due to its proximity to Saigon, this place has become a tourist trap and offers a less authentic experience.

An alternative not yet overrun by tourists, the still authentic Ben Duoc tunnels are located just north of Saigon.

Join us to explore the authentic Cu Chi Tunnels in Ben Duoc.

On your journey through the tunnels you will not only hear fascinating stories about the history of Vietnam, but also learn what the life of the soldiers was during the war.

The Viet Cong set up many booby traps on the tunnels to prevent them from being found by American troops.

To get around this, the Americans started to use sheepdogs to track down these traps, but the Vietcong were smart enough not to be tracked down by these dogs. The Viet Cong started using American soap to distract the dogs.

The tunnels played a big role in helping the Vietnamese win the war for their independence.

As part of the excursion, you can try manioc, which was the staple food for guerrilla warriors in Cu Chi. If you want you can practice with an AK47, MK16 or a machine gun at the nearby shooting range (not included in the price).

It has been said that the Vietnamese will lose the war when the Cu Chi tunnels fall. If they persevere, they would win the war.

What alternative is there to the usual travel offers by bus.

Cu Chi tunnel by boat

If you are interested in a boat tour, you can e.g. at a Speedboat Tour take part. (This tour takes you to the Ben Dinh tunnels but is highly recommended because of the very varied boat ride) 

Private Cu Chi Tunnel tour by car

Especially if you travel in small groups or with your family and have children, a private vehicle is the best choice. You can rent a private car , or book a private Tour with your personal guide to the authentic and little-visited Ben Duoc tunnels from $ 89. Divided by 4 with your friends or family are the e.g. only about $ 22 per person. 

Both Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc tunnels have the same opening hours but different entrance fees.

Opening hours: daily from 8am to 5pm.

Entry fee Ben Dinh: 110,000 VND (about $ 5)

Entry fee Ben Douc: 90,000 VND (about $ 4)

If you need more information about transfer by car, you will find it here


By Karl-Heinz Kronpass

Ben Duoc CuChi Tunnel

Ben Duoc location on the map

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