Vietnam Travel Packing List

A well thought-out packing list is essential for your trip to Vietnam. With the changing climate and diverse activities, it is important to have the right clothing and equipment with you. A clear overview of everything you need will make travelling easier, minimise stress and allow you to enjoy an unadulterated travel experience in this fascinating country. Pack light and enjoy an unforgettable time full of adventure and cultural discoveries in Vietnam!

Packing list Vietnam

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations that will make any adventurer's heart beat faster. The country is fascinating and offers a multitude of breathtaking sights and cultural discoveries. However, what you should pack in your travel bag also depends on which activities and regions you want to explore locally.

In northern Vietnam, the weather is subject to the changing seasons of winter, spring, autumn and summer. The months from May to October are often hot and accompanied by rain, while southern Vietnam has a clear dry season from November to April and a rainy season from April to October. August in particular is considered the rainiest month.

You can expect warm temperatures all year round in central Vietnam. The hottest months fall in the middle of the year, while the cooler and drier months range from November to April. It is therefore advisable to think carefully about when and which regions you will be visiting in Vietnam in order to put together the right packing list.

A packing list for Vietnam should include a few important essentials. Lightweight and breathable clothing that is well suited to the changeable climate is a must. Don't forget to pack comfortable shoes with good support for your explorations. Sunscreen and a sun hat are also essential to protect yourself from the intense sun.

An umbrella or light rain jacket can be particularly useful in the rainy months. Also remember to store your travel documents and medication safely. A small rucksack or a practical travel bag will make it easier for you to carry your personal belongings during your excursions.

With the right packing list, you can enjoy a carefree trip to Vietnam and look forward to unforgettable experiences in this beautiful country. Make sure you find out about the weather conditions and local activities well in advance so that you are perfectly prepared.

Buy train tickets for Vietnam online or at the ticket office?

It is advisable to buy train tickets in Vietnam directly at the station a few days before travelling to ensure you get your desired connection. If you are travelling on a tight schedule, buying online via reliable platforms such as 12Go Asia is a popular option. Note that not all train classes may be available online. Additionally, well-developed bus services in Vietnam are available as an alternative travel option.

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Vietnam has all kinds of Weather conditions“. If you think Vietnam is only hot and humid, you've only read one page about Vietnam's climate! 


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What do you pack in your suitcase?

A light sweatshirt or jacket is suitable for cool evenings in higher altitude cities (e.g. Da Lat, Hue, Dak Lak) Bring comfortable shirts with long sleeves and light long trousers for the day as the strong sunlight can easily cause sunburn. Shorts are more comfortable for outdoor activities as the humidity will make you sweat easily.

If you want to visit the areas in North Vietnam (Ha Noi, Sa Pa, Ha Giang), Central Vietnam (Hue, Da Nang) and South-Central Vietnam (Da Lat) from December to February, winter clothing is recommended. The daytime temperature can be between 5°C and 15°C. 

These products protect your skin from the intense sunlight and heat, which is usually 25 to 35°C in summer. A waterproof sunscreen is more effective in this humid climate.

Many tourists are unaware of the many health problems that can be caused by mosquito bites. 
Mosquitoes are particularly prevalent in the Mekong Delta during the rainy season. 
Mosquito spray should therefore be taken and used everywhere. Tip: Mosquito spray can also be purchased cheaply on site.

Vietnamese cuisine and street food are popular with tourists. However, some foods you try for the first time may cause diarrhoea as your stomach is not used to them. So be prepared as it is not so easy to get medicine in some rural areas.

If you are travelling by bus at night in Vietnam, earplugs and an eye mask are helpful, as music or the bus driver's penetrating horn can sometimes be heard all the time on night buses.

If you want to bring back great photos of your unforgettable trip, then pack a camera, enough memory cards and, if necessary, an adapter.

Also remember your credit or debit card for cash withdrawals, a photocopy of your passport in case you lose it.

Swimwear is very practical for a dip in the sea or in the mysterious Halong Bay.


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Packing list Vietnam - Before you leave

There are only a few things that are (almost) irreplaceable on your packing list for Vietnam and all trips. First and foremost are the most important documents! Getting them again while travelling is really time-consuming and expensive or sometimes not even possible.

 If, despite extensive research, we have forgotten something in our Vietnam packing list, we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.


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Whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer or simply looking for peace and relaxation - in Vietnam you will find everything your heart desires. Nature presents itself from its most attractive and varied side and invites you to unforgettable experiences. Get ready to experience the beauty of this country up close and discover Vietnam in a way you have never experienced before!

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