Tra Su Cajuput Forest

The Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang Province offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the landscape and the unspoilt tranquillity of the rural population. This stunning natural area is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating destinations in the Mekong Delta. Here you have the opportunity to experience both the picturesque landscape and the authentic serenity of the local rural population. The forest is undoubtedly one of the most impressive destinations in the Mekong Delta. This destination is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding in the entire Mekong Delta.

The Tra Su Cajuput Forest is an ecosystem of cajuput trees and a flooded mangrove forest that provides a breathtaking backdrop for the plants and animals of this paradisiacal park. 

It is particularly worth seeing here for nature lovers.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Which animal and plant species can be found in the Tra Su Cajuput Forest?

The Tra Su Cajuput Forest is a remarkable ecosystem that harbours a wealth of biodiversity. Around 140 different plant species thrive in the midst of this forest, most of which are the cajeput plants typical of the picturesque landscape of the Mekong Delta. These characteristic trees not only contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the forest, but also play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance.

However, the forest is not only a refuge for plants, but also for numerous animal species. It is home to 22 species of reptiles, including snakes and tortoises, which thrive in this humid and diverse environment. The forest is also home to almost 70 different bird species that sing and fly among the trees. The rich avifauna ranges from colourful songbirds to majestic birds of prey that enliven the forest with their melodious sounds and impressive flying skills.

The mangrove forest that surrounds the Tra Su Forest gives the area additional ecological significance. These unique plants are not only adapted to life in the floodplains, but also provide important protection for the coastal areas and serve as a nursery for numerous marine species.

This remarkable diversity of plants and animals makes the Tra Su Cajuput Forest not only a fascinating destination for ordinary tourists, but also a real paradise for researchers. Biologists, ecologists and nature lovers from all over the world find a wealth of opportunities here to explore and research the unique ecological relationships. Studying this rich biodiversity can provide insights into the functioning of an intact ecosystem and deliver important findings on biodiversity and the conservation of natural habitats.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest
Park Ranger at the Forest

What else is there to see?

There are many different bird species to observe on the paths through the park and a viewing platform to explore. 

You can often see beautiful lotus flowers - the floral symbol of Vietnam, which alone is worth a walk.

From Tra Su Forest, it is only 10 to 20 kilometres to the famous spiritual tourist attractions of An Giang, such as the Nui Cam, Ba Chua Xu Nui Sam pagoda and the Cham mosques on the Hau River.

We spent the night in the Luxe Hotela beautiful brand new hotel in Chau Doc.

Wanderweg im Tra Su wald
Family on the Boat

How to get to Tra Su Cajupt Forest ?

When heading to the stunning Tra Su Cajuput Forest, a private vehicle offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You can enjoy the picturesque scenery and sights along the way at your own pace, without having to worry about public transport or timetables. The ride becomes an integral part of your adventure as you make your way through the scenic Mekong Delta.

Alternatively, you can also consider a comprehensive private tour of the Mekong Delta. Such an arrangement allows you to experience the unrivalled beauty and rich culture of this region in an authentic and in-depth way. A private tour not only offers you the services of an experienced tour guide who will provide you with fascinating insights into the history, culture and ecological context, but also allows you to explore off the beaten track and experience unforgettable encounters with the locals.

Aussichtsplattform Tra Su Forest

Cajuput Tra Su Forest - Entrance fees and opening hours

Address:  Bezirk Tinh Bien, Provinz An Giang, Việt Nam.

Opening hours:  7:00 Uhr – 17:15 Uhr

Ticket price for sightseeing and boat trip:  95,000 - 190,000 VND / person, depending on group size. ( about 4 - 8 Euro )

The surcharge for a private boat is 300,000 VND. ( about 14 Euro)

Children under 1.3 metres have free admission.

Fahrt durch den Tra Su Wald
Picture of Karl-Heinz Kronpass

Karl-Heinz Kronpass

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