Tra Su Cajuput Forest

The Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Only 30 km southwest of Chau Doc lies the Tra Su Cajuput Forest, one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mekong Delta.

The Tra Su Forest is an ecosystem of cajuput trees and a flooded mangrove forest that provides a breathtaking backdrop to the plants and animals of this paradisiacal park. Tra Su Forest Trees

The swamp area is a perfect location for hundreds of species, from plants, fish, snails, crabs, frogs to aquatic life, providing food for the overlying storks and other birds.

Tra Su Forest

Tra Su Forest

Tra Su Cajuput Forest is home to an estimated 140 species of plants, 70 species of birds, 11 species of animals, 25 species of reptiles and 23 species of fish.

There are some hiking trails in the forest and an area with a viewing platform worth a walk.

On the way through the park there are many different species of birds to watch and often one sees beautiful lotus flowers - the floral symbol of Vietnam.

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It takes only 10 to 20 kilometers from Tra Su Forest to reach the famous spiritual tourist attraction of An Giang, such as Nui Cam, Ba Chua Xu Nui Sam Pagoda and the Cham Mosques on the Hau River.

What alternative is there to the usual travel offers?


Private tour by car

Especially if you travel in small groups or with your family and have children, a private vehicle is the best choice. You can rent a private car to book Tra Su Cajuput Forest or the beautiful forest easily with a private tour of the Mekong Delta .

Address: Tinh Bien County, An Giang Province, Việt Nam.

Opening hours: 5h00 - 21h00

Ticket price for sightseeing and boat trip: 95,000 - 190,000 VND / person, depending on group size.

The surcharge for a private boat is 300,000 VND.

Children under 1.3 meters are free of charge


By Karl-Heinz Kronpass

Tra Su cajuput Forest

Tra Su Cajuput location on the map

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