Binh Quoi Village

Binh Quoi Village - The oasis in Ho Chi Minh City

On a property with lots of lawns, coconut palms, streams and cozy thatched huts, the village takes a look at the past few days in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.
Not everything is authentic here, but it reflects the original rural life in South Vietnam.
This village is perfect for escaping the hectic city for a few hours.
So, if you do not have time to visit the Mekong Delta, this is a great opportunity to take some nice pictures because this village offers beauty, relaxation and the legendary Vietnamese scenes that all Vietnamese visitors dream of.
And the entrance is free!

The giant water lilies are an impressive sight.

Fortunately, you can stand directly above them on the Monkey Bridge for a closer look. They are the biggest leaves we have ever seen. Some have a diameter of 2 meters!

And this water wheel is literally fascinating.

The beauty of the bamboo, the flowing water, the rhythmic movement and the soothing sounds literally make stress disappear.

What can you do here?

  • fishing
  • Sightseeing along the river
  • Relaxing in a bamboo hut by the water
  • Strolling through the traditional village and the park / gardens
  • Enjoy a meal in a floating restaurant
  • make many great pictures!
The restaurants are open every day and there is a special buffet dinner on the weekend. It offers a wide selection of classic Vietnamese dishes and costs 290,000 and $ 13.
Binh Quoi Village
Ward 28, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The best time to visit is on weekdays in the morning.
Binh Quoi Village is ideal for solo travelers, couples and families.


Private tours by car

Especially if you travel in small groups or with your family and have children, a private vehicle is the best choice. For example, a private car Book a visit to Binh Quoi Village in combination with the authentic and little-visited Ben Duoc Tunnels. 

The travel preferences are very different, but we believe that most visitors will like the village of Binh Quoi. It offers a few fun pleasures, but the most outstanding feature of the village of Binh Quoi is its rustic beauty.

We also recommend this place as an oasis of relaxation.

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By Karl-Heinz Kronpass

Binh Quoi Village

Binh Quoi Village location on the map

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