Phu Quoc

Idyllic fishing villages and the original laid-back mentality of the islanders are what make this island so special. The beautiful white sandy beaches seem to go on forever. Here you will find a wide variety of accommodation - from low-budget to mid-range to extravagant luxury resorts.

Travel destination Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the tropical vacation paradise famous for its beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature, relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, gorgeous waterfalls and an absolutely gigantic diving and snorkeling paradise.

The interior offers hilly forest landscapes and invites you to go on real adventures.


  • Nature
  • Adventure
  • Dream beaches
  • Wildlife


  • Lively underwater world
  • Fascinating nature
  • Authentic fishing villages

Experience the island of dreams - Phu Quoc

Scenic landscapes

Over 90% of the island is forested and protected. It is the last large area of forest in southern Vietnam that has been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

An adventurous dive around the coral reefs, a kayak tour in the picturesque bay, a private tour into the hinterland or simply lazing on the beach and daydreaming...

On Phu Quoc you will want for nothing!

Phu Quoc's wildlife

 Over 200 bird species can be found here, including the Phu Quoc hornbill and the red-tailed fruit dove. The Phu Quoc toad, a species found only on the island, is also native here. There are also several species of lizards and mammals. The waters around Phu Quoc are home to tuna, barracuda and swordfish, as well as various species of reef sharks. Divers can also discover a variety of bizarre sea creatures such as starfish and octopuses. Phu Quoc's wildlife is a paradise for nature lovers and offers an unforgettable experience for visitors looking for a unique nature experience.

Phu Quoc Monkey

Phu Quoc's most beautiful beaches

Starfish Beach - on Phu Quoc is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and a popular destination for visitors. The beach takes its name from the numerous starfish that can be found here in the shallow, clear water. These vibrant and colorful creatures are an amazing sight and attract many tourists.

The beach is known for its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and offers a breathtaking view of the sparkling sea. The sand is soft and white and the beach is surrounded by palm trees and other tropical plants. It is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The beach is also a great place for snorkeling as there are many colorful coral reefs here. Divers can also discover a variety of marine life such as starfish, shells and fish.

Starfish Beach
Starfish Beach

Bai Dai  Beach - is a 15 km long, wide and breathtaking beach on the west coast of the island. It is known for its soft white sand and the clear, warm water that surrounds it. The beach is surrounded by coconut palms and other tropical plants, giving it a picturesque backdrop.

Bai Dai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and a popular spot for vacationers and locals alike. It is an ideal place for relaxing and sunbathing, but also for swimming, snorkeling and diving. 

There are many restaurants and bars along the beach offering a wide range of delicacies, including local dishes and international cuisine. Some restaurants also offer beach loungers and parasols for hire to make your day at the beach even more enjoyable.

Bai Dai Beach is also a great place to watch the sunset, which is spectacular here. The sky glows in different colors as the sun slowly disappears into the horizon, making for an unforgettable sight.

Sao Beach - is not considered the most beautiful beach in Vietnam for nothing. 

It is a popular destination for vacationers who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The beach is surrounded by coconut palms and other tropical plants, giving it a picturesque backdrop.

Sao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and offers many activities for visitors. It is an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling and diving as there are many colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine life. 

There are many restaurants and bars along the beach offering a wide range of delicacies, including fresh seafood and local dishes. Some restaurants also offer beach loungers and parasols for hire to make your day at the beach even more enjoyable.

Sao Beach
Sao Beach

You should have seen this!

Another reason to visit the tropical island, Phu Quoc has so much more to offer than just beautiful beaches.  

The pepper plantations on Phu Quoc offer a unique opportunity to experience pepper production up close. The plantations are mostly found in the center and north of the island, and many offer guided tours where you can learn all about the cultivation, harvesting and processing of pepper.

The pepper plants on the plantations are planted and harvested by hand and the processes are all very traditional. The plants are carefully tended and the farmers use natural fertilizers to ensure that the pepper is of the highest quality.

There are many different types of pepper on Phu Quoc, including white pepper, black pepper and red pepper. Each variety has its own flavor and purpose, and you can buy a wide range of pepper products such as peppercorns, pepper sauces and pepper oils.

A visit to the pepper plantations on Phu Quoc is a unique and fascinating experience not to be missed. You can experience the island's nature, culture and economy up close while tasting some of the best pepper products in the world.

Phu Quoc Pfefferfarm
Phu Quoc Pepper Farm

Other attractions on the island

Vinpearl safari

Vinpearl Safari

The zoo is divided into two sections. On the one hand, there is the public area, and the safari area, which is only accessible by bus. Vinpearl Safari is not just a normal zoo. Here, educational work is carried out to protect nature and the environment, and endangered animal species are also bred.

Suoi Tranh Wasserfall

Suoi Tranh Waterfall

The waterfall is located in the middle of the Ham Ninh Mountains, which are interspersed with lush green primeval forests and natural caves, and is most impressive during the rainy season between May and September. This is when it carries a lot of water. It can get crowded here, especially at weekends, as it is also very popular with locals.

cap treo hon thom

Sunworld Hon Thom Nature Park

The Hon Thom Cable Car, recognized by the Guinness World Records as the longest non-stop cable car in the world, offers an unforgettable experience from which visitors can admire the clear blue sea, the pristine jungle and the golden sands of Phu Quoc's beaches.

Phu Quoc Night Market

Phu Quoc Night Market

There are over 100 market stalls selling seafood, snacks and all kinds of other delicacies. Of course, there are also countless stalls with souvenirs, more or less genuine branded clothing, handmade items and jewelry. The market is one of the most popular evening attractions on the island.

Trúc Lâm Hộ Quốc

Trúc Lâm Hộ Quốc Zen Monastery

The largest temple on Phu Quoc is located directly on the ocean, in the direction of the sunrise. Half of it is a pure Buddhist temple and the other half is a monastery. From a huge temple bell to large jade statues, dragon staircases, fascinating panoramic views and small monkeys, there is plenty to discover here.

Phu Quoc jail

Phu Quoc Prison

The prison camp, also known as the "Coconut Palm Prison", is located in the village of Cay Dua in the commune of An Thoi. In the beginning, it was a prison camp built by French colonialists to imprison Vietnamese patriots. In 1967, the regime in Saigon converted the site into a new prison. It was the largest prison in the south, holding more than 32,000 prisoners.

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The weather on Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has typical tropical weather. It is warm all year round with temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees. There is only a distinction between the rainy season and the dry season.

How to get to Phu Quoc ?

Phú Quốc has an international airport. This means that the easiest way to get there is by plane. If you prefer something a little more adventurous, you can travel to Phú Quốc by bus and ferry. An air-conditioned sleeper bus runs for 6 hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Rach Gia. The ferry departs from Rach Gia and takes vacationers to Phú Quốc within 90 minutes. A ferry also departs from Ha Tien, which takes around an hour for the crossing

The right time to visit

The high season and best time to visit is from November to the end of May. You can expect very high temperatures in April and May.


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