Ho Chi Minh City

Elegant skyscrapers next to buildings in European colonial style, steaming cookshops and fine gourmet restaurants, small alleys and wide boulevards. Enter the hustle and bustle and experience the real big city life!

Destination Ho Chi Minh City

From the finest hotels to the most affordable inns, from the most classic restaurants to the most tasteful street stalls, from the most exquisite boutiques to the hustle and bustle of the markets, Saigon is a city of contrasts.

Stroll through timeless alleyways to imposing temples before returning to the present in designer malls in modern high-rises.


  • Culture
  • Culinary delights


  • Vibrant metropolis
  • Fascinating temples
  • French colonial charm

Experience vibrant Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Shopping in town

Stroll through the markets and take in the different smells and moods. Vegetables, dried fruits, meat, spices, scorpions in alcohol, sweets, but also tobacco, watches and cheap jewelry are here en masse. Clothes pile up on the sales tables and the selection of souvenirs is incredibly large.

You should have seen this!

Definitely pay a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral, an impressive construction with two identical towers, the central post office with its gigantic clock at the entrance and the War Remants Museum.

Kathedrale in Saigon
Saigon Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon is one of the architectural remnants of the French colony in Ho Chi Minh City. The architecture of the cathedral was modeled after Notre-Dame de Paris. It has numerous historical and also cultural-historical riches. Besides the church, you can also visit the Independence Palace and the old Main Post Office.

Old Post Office Saigon
Saigon Main Post Office

Saigon Main Post Office is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City, with charming colonial architecture and ornate decorations that provide the backdrop for newlywed photo shoots, school trips and city tours. What's more, it's a beautiful remnant of Vietnam's storied past. If you want to send a postcard home or just admire the architecture of a bygone era, this is definitely the place to do it.

War Remnants Museum
War Remnants Museum

The Museum of War Remnants in Ho Chi Minh City was founded in 1975. It is only a 10-minute drive from the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was once known as the "Museum of American War Crimes," a reminder of the war between the United States and Vietnam. In the museum you can find exhibitions of photographs and American military equipment.

Other sights in and around Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Duoc Cu Ci Tunnel

Ben Duoc - Cu Chi Tunnel

An alternative to the Ben Dinh tunnels, which are overrun by tourists, are the still authentic Ben Duoc tunnels located just north of Saigon. As you travel through the tunnels, you will not only hear fascinating stories about Vietnam's history, but also learn what life was like for soldiers during the war.

Binh Quoi Village

Binh Quoi Village

With its coconut palms, streams and cozy thatched huts, the village shows a glimpse of the bygone days in Vietnam.
If you don't have time to visit Mekong Delta, here is a great opportunity to take some nice pictures, because this village offers beauty, and the legendary Vietnamese scenes that all visitors to Vietnam dream about.

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Fito Museum

The hidden gem, unknown even to many locals, is located in a secluded alley with private houses, small businesses and cafes. Apart from the intense and unique collection of artifacts, the facade itself is a true work of art. The whole building gives the atmosphere of a traditional North Vietnamese house and Cham style from Central Vietnam and Cambodia.

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The secret command bunker in Saigon

Once a hiding place for nearly two tons of weapons used by Saigon commandos during the 1968 Spring Offensive and Uprising, the small house on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street was declared a national monument of culture in 1988.

Blanc Lounge Kaffee im Landmark 81

Landmark 81 Skyscraper

The Landmark 81 skyscraper in Ho Chi Minh City is the tallest building in Vietnam at 461 meters. Together with Vinhomes Central Park, the Landmark 81 skyscraper is a state-of-the-art structure consisting of a luxury hotel, excellent restaurants and a vibrant commercial center.

Saigon Waterbus

Saigon Waterbus

Taking a water cab, and one of the best and cheapest transportation options for those who want to explore the city skyline. The 40-minute boat ride, which runs along the Saigon River and Thanh Da Canal, picks up passengers at a total of 5 stops belonging to districts 1, 2, Binh Thanh and Thu Duc.

Ao Dai Museum Room

Ao Dai Museum in district 9

Escape the hustle and bustle of Saigon,the museum is at the same time also the venue for many cultural and artistic events inspired by the Ao Dai. Visitors can experience the process of making an Ao Dai from the first to the last stage.

Buu Long Pagoda Saigon

Buu Long Pagoda

Di Buu Long Pagoda is located in District 9 and is one of the most beautiful pagodas in Vietnam with its unique architecture.
The pagoda is well known throughout Vietnam due to its many influences from several Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It is also referred to as a "Thai temple" by some locals.

Ho Chi Minh City Karte mit den Highlights

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Ho Chi Minh City weather

Ho Chi Minh City has typical tropical weather. It is warm all year round with temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees. There is only a distinction between the rainy season and the dry season.

How to get to Ho Chi Minh City ?

Ho Chi Minh City has good transport links and is easy to reach by plane, bus and train. Within the city in District 1, many sights can be easily explored on foot.

The right time to visit

Ho Chi Minh City can be visited all year round. Rainy season is from mid-May to about mid-October. Mostly, however, it is only rain showers in the afternoon.


Landmark 81 by Night

The Landmark 81 skyscraper

Der Landmark 81 Wolkenkratzer in Ho Chi Minh City ist das mit 461 m ist höchste Gebäude in Vietnam. Hier finden Sie alle wissenwerten Informationen.

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Yersin Markt

The Dan Sinh - Yersin Market in Saigon HCMC

Der Dan Sinh Yersin Markt wurde nach dem französischen Biologen und Abenteurer Alexandre Yersin benannt. Unter den zahlreichen Märkten , der im Volksmund auch als amerikanischer Markt bekannt ist, auf dem Baumaterialien,und Vietnam-Kriegsmaterial verkauft werden, ist er einer der merkwürdigsten.

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Binh Quoi Village Lake

Binh Quoi Village

Set on a property with lots of lawns, coconut palms, streams and cozy thatched huts, Binh Quoi Village offers a glimpse of days gone by in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

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