The Fito Museum in Saigon

The Fito Museum in Saigon

The museum is one of the most beautiful and entertaining museums we have been in for a long time.

The Fito Museum in Saigon is the first museum on traditional Vietnamese medicine. On display are nearly 3,000 Stone Age objects. The exhibits include tools for making medicines, knives, mortars and pestles, as well as documents and items from a traditional pharmacy.

Exponate Fito Museum

Exhibits Fito Museum

The hidden gem, which many locals do not even know, is set in a secluded alley with private homes, small businesses and cafes. Apart from the intense and unique collection of artifacts, the façade itself is a true work of art. The entire building conveys the atmosphere of a traditional North Vietnamese house . The 18 rooms with distinctive architectural charm on 5 floors are connected by a front and a rear wooden staircase.

Fito Bilder

Fito Museum exhibition

In addition, the First Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (FITO) regularly features a documentary film about the history of traditional Vietnamese medicine entitled "A Century of Healthcare Experience"

The Fito Museum has a large number of old books on traditional medicine, including many rare book series such as: Nam duoc than hieu, Y tong tam tinh, comprising 28 episodes and 66 volumes. Many tourists, even experts from Korea, China and Japan, visited the museum and found it very admirable and interesting.

Traditional costumes in the museum

Conclusion: It is worth a visit to get a fascinating insight into traditional Vietnamese everyday life and medical development through the centuries. At the end of the tour you will be invited to a cup of healthy herbal tea prepared by the nice staff.

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Private city tour by car

Especially if you travel in small groups or with your family and have children, a private vehicle is the best choice. You can rent a private car to the Fito Museum in Saigon or simply combine with a private city tour .

The museum is open daily from 8:00 to 17:30.

The entrance fee is VND 120,000 for adults and VND 60,000 for children (less than 1,2 m).

41 Hoang Du Khuong Street,Ward 12, District 10,
Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
+84 28 3864 2430


By Karl-Heinz Kronpass

Fito Museum Saigon

Fito Museum location on the map

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