First class rail travel in Vietnam: New train from Hanoi to Da Nang

The introduction of the high quality train service from Hanoi to Da Nang from October 20 offers a great way to explore the scenic beauty of Vietnam while enjoying the highest level of comfort. Explore Vietnam in a pleasant and comfortable way with this new train service. Stay tuned for more details and updates.

New train from Hanoi to Da Nang

From October 20, 2023, the new high-quality train service from Hanoi to Da Nang will offer a convenient and first-class travel option. This article provides information about the route, comfort and booking options.

Zug von Hanoi nach Da Nang
The dining room is designed in a modern style (Photo: VGP)

The high quality train service from Hanoi to Da Nang:

From October 20, travelers can enjoy first-class train service between Hanoi and Da Nang. The route is one of the most picturesque in Vietnam and promises breathtaking scenery and pure relaxation.

The train route and its beauty:

The train route crosses fascinating landscapes, including rice fields, mountains and coastal areas. This makes the journey a visual feast.

Comfort and amenities:

The modern trains are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seats and Wi-Fi to ensure a relaxing and entertaining journey.

Timetables and booking:

Schedules and booking options can be viewed online to help you plan your trip.


Ticket prices for the SE19 train start at around €37 on weekdays, while the weekend fare is almost €41.

For the SE20 train, the highest fare is about €34.

Here below you'll find 12GoAsia train, bus and ferry routes:

Powered by 12Go system
The trains are scheduled to enter service on October 20 (Photo: VNA).

Travel Tip:

The launch of the high-quality train service from Hanoi to Da Nang from October 20 offers a great way to explore the scenic beauty of Vietnam while enjoying the highest level of comfort.

For more information about traveling by train in Vietnam, I recommend you to read our detailed post about "Train travel in Vietnam Here you can learn all about the different train routes, comfort on board and booking options for train travel in Vietnam.

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Karl-Heinz Kronpass

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