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The train is one of the most popular transportation in Vietnam. If you're planning a trip by train through Vietnam, here are some helpful tips for you: which train classes are there, how to eat in the trains and on the train stations, where you can find timetables and online train tickets for Vietnam and where to find the most scenic rail routes. During a trip through Vietnam you should definitely take part of the tour with the train. There you get a good Insight into Vietnamese life, Most towns along the coast and Sa Pa in the north are easily accessible by train.Map planning

Quality differences and timetables

There are quality and price differences with the Vietnamese railway depending on the train number. The trains between Hanoi and Saigon starting with "SE" are the fastest on the way and equipped with the highest quality.

The train classes in Vietnam

In Vietnam there are four classes:

  • Hard-Seater (wooden benches)
  • Soft-Seater (padded seats)
  • Hard-Sleeper (similar to a couchette car)
  • Soft-Sleeper

For the Hard-Seater compartments you get the cheapest tickets. The seats, however, are not really comfortable. On the wooden benches, part of the train journey can be spent in an adventurous way, but for longer distances it is clearly too uncomfortable. The windows can be opened, but are barred for safety reasons. Fans provide cooling. Also, the cheap Hard-Seater seats are not offered on all trains.

Hardseater Compartment

Hard Seater Abteil Vietnam

Softsleeper Compartment

Soft Seater Abteil

Soft-seater compartments in Vietnam are a popular choice for travelers who want to travel comfortably. These compartments have cushioned seats that allow for a comfortable and relaxing journey. The cars are air-conditioned, which helps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the trip. Due to the air conditioning, the windows in the soft-seater compartments cannot be opened. This ensures that the temperature inside the car remains constant and comfortable for passengers. Soft-seater compartments are a good option for those who want to travel longer distances in comfort and style.

Hard sleeper cars in Vietnam are similar to couchette cars. Each compartment is lockable and contains six sleeping berths. The lower sleeping berths are the most expensive, while the upper berths are less expensive. It should be noted that the top compartment offers the least space. These cars are a cost-effective option for travelers who want to sleep on the train. The sleeping berths are arranged in tiers and provide a comfortable place to rest during the journey.

Hardsleeper Compartment


Softsleeper Compartment


Soft sleeper cars in Vietnam are similar to traditional sleeping cars. Each compartment can accommodate four passengers and can be locked for added security. These compartments offer more comfort than hard sleeper cars and allow for a more luxurious travel experience. As with hard-sleeper cars, the upper berths in soft-sleeper compartments are less expensive than the lower berths. Soft sleeper cars are a great choice for travelers who want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing train ride.

Eating on the train

On Vietnamese trains, passengers can buy food, snacks and drinks directly in their compartment. The dining car offers a wider range of options. On many trains, passengers can pre-order lunch and dinner menus from the conductor. The train makes several stops at stations along the route where passengers can purchase food from local vendors. These stops offer passengers the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy a variety of local dishes.

Eat in the Softsleeper compartment

Essen im Sleeper Zug

Sea view from the cloud pass

Meerblick Hai Van

The most beautiful train route in Vietnam

Die Zugfahrt zwischen Hanoi und Saigon bietet viele schöne Sehenswürdigkeiten. Einer der landschaftlich reizvollsten Abschnitte der Strecke liegt zwischen Hue und Da Nang. Der Zug fährt langsam an der Küste entlang und überquert dabei den Hai-Van-Pass, der auch als Wolkenpass bekannt ist. Die Ausblicke auf die Küste und die umliegende Landschaft sind atemberaubend. Auch die Abfahrt aus der Stadt und das geschäftige Treiben auf den Gleisen in Hanoi sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen. Diese Zugreise bietet eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, die Schönheit und Vielfalt Vietnams zu erleben.

Train delays in Vietnam

If everything runs smoothly, the railway will be on time. Vietnam is repeatedly hit by heavy storms, especially in the rainy season. Heavy rains or a cyclone will affect the timetable. Hours of delay or train cancellations due to flooded or squashed tracks are not uncommon.

If you want to travel by train during the rainy season, you should take this into account.

Train at Hai Van Pass (Cloud Pass)

Zug am Hai Van Pass

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Buy train tickets for Vietnam online or at the counter

It is ideal to buy train tickets in Vietnam a few days before the trip at the train station. Unfortunately, tickets are often sold out on the day of travel. For travelers with a tight schedule, buying train tickets online is popular. A reliable online provider for train tickets in Vietnam, with which I have had very good experiences so far when traveling in Southeast Asia, is 12Go Asia There you can book a train ticket online for the train through Vietnam. Please note that not all train classes or trains may be offered when booking online.

Below are the train, bus and ferry connections from 12GoAsia:

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