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Corona/Covid-19 - All the latest information for your trip to Vietnam

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On this page you will find news and Vietnam Corona travel news reported by reputable news portals from Vietnam, and by official sites like ministries or embassies.

When and under what conditions will travel to Vietnam be possible again? Answers to these questions are still being sought. We will keep you up to date.

The current situation in the country

Update 11.04.2021

In response to a new cluster of infections in northern Vietnam in January 2021, the following precautionary measures were taken:

  • Within the country, Vietnamese health authorities have temporarily isolated several sites that are considered high-risk locations or that have been recently visited by travelers with confirmed cases of the virus. Tourist sites across the country have also set closure days to disinfect their premises. Beginning April 23, tourist attractions in the country will be allowed to reopen, but must ensure that security measures are in place for all visitors.

  • Foreigners and residents are required to wear masks in public and may be fined for non-compliance.

Visa and entry to Vietnam

Since 15.03.2020 a general Entry ban for Europeans (Schengen area). In addition, no visas are currently issued.

Since 22.3.2020, foreign citizens are generally refused entry to Vietnam, with a few exceptions. 

All persons who are allowed to enter Vietnam, i.e. in particular persons with Vietnamese citizenship, exceptional permission (experts, managers, highly qualified persons) or diplomatic status, must be Health check and 21-day quarantine according to the current regulations of the Ministry of Health. This can be done as home quarantine or in a quarantine facility and monitored by the local authorities. In addition, two SARS-CoV-2 tests must be completed after entry or at the end of the quarantine.

Please note the following information and travel recommendations.

Flights to Vietnam

  • Since April 22nd Domestic flights is carried out. It is not known when normal international air traffic will resume. There are also return flights for Vietnamese nationals at present.
  • Entry restrictions and quarantine regulations remain in force

Transport and traffic

  • The number of domestic flights has now been increased again. In addition, bus and train services have now been resumed
  • Resumption of international air traffic not foreseeable at present 

Protective measures

  • All passengers must first submit an online health declaration at home, have their temperature taken, have their hands disinfected and wear a mask before boarding the aircraft
  • Mandatory mouth protection in public areas, in some places temperature measurements and disinfection measures
  • UPDATE (28.7.2020) All passengers on long-distance journeys must complete the health declaration.

Coronavirus infection rates

  • 2683 cases proven 
  • 2429 have recovered
  • 35 Death

As of: 11.04.2021

Source: Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University

When can you take a vacation in Vietnam again?

At the moment Vietnam is concentrating on domestic tourism. A campaign called "Vietnamese People Travel in Vietnam" was launched in mid-May. In the near future, an opening to other Asian countries, which also have extremely low infection rates, would be a possibility. 

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